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Pin badges were produced for sponsored events. A selection is shown below along with some general NSE badges. The Wessex Electrics are coming badge is of interest as these badges were added to the web site as the Wessex Electrics were going, being discarded by South West Trains in favour of Desiros.

Pin badge Pin badge Pin badge Pin badge
21st June 1986. Produced
for the 1st Network Day
  1st August 1987 12th September 1987
Pin badge Pin badge Pin badge Pin badge
Pin badge Pin badge Pin badge Pin badge
  Spring 1988 1988 1988
Pin badge Pin badge Pin badge Pin badge
May 1988 May 1988 1989 The first of 5 years of
NSE sponsorshhip
Pin badge Pin badge Pin badge Pin badge
  May 1990 July 1990  
Pin badge Pin badge Pin badge Pin badge
    18th August 1991 16/17th May 1998
Pin badge      
16/17th May 1998      

Road Show

Scratch card The card (shown left) was given away at NSE Road Shows. If the station name reveled was marked with a star on the displayed map the prize, a t-shirt (shown right) or teddy bear was won. T shirt

Children’s Day

Some images from Children’s Day

Thames Day Childrens Day Network Children‘s Day at Jubilee Gardens and South Bank Centre, Waterloo Saturday 1st August 1987 (12:00 until 18:00) The first of two major, free leisure events staged by Network SouthEast and The South Bank Centre as part of the ‘Summer of Fun‘ campaign. With live bands, dancing, face painting, free rides, acrobats, clowns, cartoons, films, exhibitions, competitions, stilt walkers, The Electric Puppet and Bus Theatres, Police dogs and horses and much, much more ...
Thames Day Childrens Day BR‘s Eastleigh Works miniature railway was laid out along the Embankment. While not the only steam loco to carry a Network SouthEast headboard over the years, this was one of smallest capable of hauling ‘coaches‘ with actual passengers (of all sizes!)
Thames Day Childrens Day A big element of Network SouthEast‘s ‘Summer of Fun‘ campaign was the Network Road Show, a mobile exhibition unit which visited over 90 events, including Children‘s Day, around the south east throughout the summer of 1987.
Thames Day Childrens Day Understandably visitors were bombarded with NSE publicity, including the ‘Leisure Pack‘. On a lighter note, popular children‘s TV presenter Keith Chegwin hosted a series of competitions and gave away many great prizes to some very enthusiastic young fans.
Thames Day Childrens Day One of the longest vinyls ever produced! ‘Network Children‘s day‘ was displayed across the full length of Hungerford Bridge.
Thames Day Childrens Day The balloon competition and ‘day time‘ fireworks marked the end of the day‘s events. The prevailing wind took most of the balloons east with the winning one getting as far as Southend. There were approximately 120,000 visitors to Network Children‘s Day.

Some of the material distributed at Children’s Day


Children’s Colouring Book

Children’s Colouring Competition


Some of the advertising material

Network Children's Day Summer of Fun Summer of Fun Childrens Day
August 1987 April 1987 July 1987 July 1987

Thames Day

Some images from Thames Day

Thames Day Childrens Day Network Thamesday, Saturday 12th September 1987 (12:00 until 21:00) throughout the South Bank Centre (Jubilee Gardens, the Festival Hall, the National Theatre and Film Centre, the Hayward Gallery, etc) and of course the River Thames between the Albert Embankment and Waterloo Bridge. The second major and free event was organised jointly by the South Bank Centre and Thames Water and sponsored by Network SouthEast. This event was the concluding element of the NSE ‘Summer of Fun‘ campaign.
Thames Day Childrens Day This was altogether a far bigger event than Children‘s Day had been. It combined a non stop series of water, shore and indoor activities and displays. The river based events started with ‘sandcastle‘ building by Beach Art Construction, an angling competition, sailing, rowing and canoeing demonstrations, barge driving races, etc.
Thames Day Childrens Day All sorts of vessels were on display including Peter de Savery‘s Blue Arrow the UK yacht for the Americas Cup Challenge in 1988. This was followed by a parade of the remaining Dunkirk ‘little ships‘, fireboats and a ‘tug, tug of war‘! Susan Hampshire was just of the stars who took part in Celebrity Pooh Sticks race.
Thames Day Childrens Day A vintage and traditional boat parade, a combined air-sea rescue demonstration by the RAF, HM Coastguard and the RNLI came next. The river events reached a climax with a spectacular freefall parachute display by the Parachute Regiment‘s Red Devils.
Thames Day Childrens Day On shore, Showaddywaddy were amongst ten live groups providing non stop entertainment. But it was very windy! The heavy weight poster display frames purloined from Waterloo station became a bit of a safety hazard and had to be weighed down with sandbags to prevent them falling over.
Thames Day Childrens Day The inflatable NSE coaches proved to be very popular with the children but similarly needed extra anchorage because of the wind!
Thames Day Childrens Day Once again the Network Southeast ‘Roadshows‘ were very much in evidence with units in Jubilee Gardens and outside Festival Hall. Visitors were encouraged to pick up NSE travel information for travel ideas from their local station and to enter the Road Show ‘Give-away‘ draws.
Thames Day Childrens Day £5 Travel Vouchers and ‘Summer of Fun‘ T-shirts were amongst the many prizes from the ‘Roadshows‘.
Thames Day Childrens Day There had been close working relationship between NSE and Capital Radio going back to the L&SE sponsorship of the Capital Fringe Festival in 1985, the first year of Capitalcard. Capital Radio‘s own mobile studio and outdoor suite together with the Coca Cola Road Show were very much in evidence ...
Thames Day Childrens Day with live broadcasts during the day.
Thames Day Childrens Day The whole site was plastered with Network SouthEast branding. This again was all part of the marketing objective to get NSE into the vocabulary and to position it as an efficient, warm and caring organisation, committed to delivering a ‘new railway‘ for London and the south east.
Thames Day Childrens Day Once again Hungerford Bridge was decked out with an enormous vinyl banner.
Thames Day Childrens Day More than 10,000 Double Royal posters, 1.2 million leaflets were produced to promote Thamesday at stations throughout NSE. The campaign was supported by a major press and PR campaign. Capital Radio alone gave over 120 minutes of free air time coverage in the weeks and days leading up to the event.
Thames Day Childrens Day The winning entry of the children‘s painting competition.
Thames Day Childrens Day The day finished with a truly fantastic firework display staged by LeMaitre Fireworks, then recognised as being the world‘s leading company in mounting spectacular displays. At the same time a laser display lit up the sky around the South Bank. This included a massive Network Southeast ‘logotype‘ in the corporate typeface.
Thames Day Childrens Day Network Thamesday was a huge success. Over 200,000 people attended (223,000 welcome packs and Thamesday carrier bags were given away!). The Network SouthEast and BRB Central Advertising Services teams turned out en masse to help throughout the day. Thanks to them all!

Some of the material distributed at Thames Day

London's Great free festival of fun Thamesday Thamesday Thamesday

Carrier Bag

Some of the advertising material

Thames Day Thames Day Thames Day  
July 1987 August 1987 August 1987  

Southend airshow

Southend airshow Southend airshow Southend airshow Southend airshow
May 1989
May 1990
May 1991
May 1992
Southend airshow Southend airshow Southend airshow  
May 1993
May 1992
May 1993