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Listed below is a fairly comprehensive selection of the TV commercials produced by British Railways between 1977 and 1992, plus one from 1968. Click on the image to see the commercial. Thanks go to Richard Sharp, Advertising Manager for London & South East/Network SouthEast and National Retail Manager InterCity for making copies of these commercials available. The advertising agency who produced each commercial and the year that it was first transmitted is shown.

The file size of each commercial is given, if you do not have a broadband connection each might take a few minutes to load. You will need shockwave to display the commercials.


This is the age of the train      
Monica c1968      

This is the age of the train (1977 - 1984)

Advertising Agency Allen, Brady & Marsh (ABM) won the British Railways account in 1977 after a pitch with their main rivals Saatchi & Saatchi. As part of their pitch ABM invited Sir Peter Parker, Chairman of the British Railways Board, to a presentation at the agency‘s London HQ. After an uncomfortable 15 minute wait in reception Sir Peter was finally met by Peter Marsh who cheekily announced “Well Chairman, that‘s just what a lot of your passengers suffer every day!” Despite this the agency went on to win the account and produced some memorable advertising for British Rail with the strap line ’This is the age of the train‘.

This is the age of the train This is the age of the train This is the age of the train This is the age of the train
Awayday Return Business travel Shopping Ladies
(1121 kbytes)
Senior Citizen Railcard
(1641 kbytes)
This is the age of the train This is the age of the train This is the age of the train This is the age of the train
Business travel
(1462 kbytes)
London Saver
(1943 kbytes)
Young Persons Railcard
(1346 kbytes)
Xmas Shopping
(1384 kbytes)

Persil Free Rail Tickets Promotion 1983

Persil 1983
(760 Kbyte)

We’re Getting There (1985 - 1988)

Songs I’ll be blowed Museum  
Songs 1985
(1450 kbytes)
I’ll be blowed 1985
(1250 kbytes)
Museum 1985
(575 bytes)

British Rail Corporate Advertising 1988

Britians Railways      
Britian‘s Railway 1988
(3200 kbytes)


Train Jam Airplane Murder Relax
Train Jam 1984
(2070 kbyte)
Airplane 1985
(840 kbyte)
Murder on the Motorway 1985
(1810 kbyte)
Relax 1989
(950 kbyte)
Untwist Relax More Introduction of IC225 Nicola
Untwist 1990
(1855 kbyte)
Relax More 1991
(1945 kbyte)
Introduction of IC225
in 1991
Nicole! 1992
(1150 kbytes)
Welcome to InterCity 1992      

InterCity Pullman

Prawns Tablecloth    
Prawns 1985
(1320 kbyte)
Tablecloth 1986
(930 kbytes)

InterCity Sleeper

Sleeper Hotel Three Bears Superman
Have a good trip 1976
(1485 kbytes)
The hotel that moves 1979
(1350 bytes)
Three Bears 1985
(915 kbytes)
Superman 1986
(930 kbytes)
Sleepy Time      
Sleepy Time 1989
(1670 kbytes)

InterCity Savers & Apex

On Leave InterCity Savers Savers Apex
On Leave 1985
(1130 kbytes)
Sentimental Journey 1986
(2010 kbytes)
Saver Returns 1987
(1345 kbyte)
Apex 1988
(1130 kbytes)
Apex Apex    
Apex 1990
(1148 kbytes)
Apex 1991
(1517 kbytes)


Scotrail 1985
(730 kbyte)